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M.Sc. Biotechnology



             B.Sc., Degree  in Biology, Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Botany, Bioinformatics, Bioinstrumentation, Chemistry, Agriculture, Marine biology, Home science, Farm Science, Nutrition & Dietetics, Integrated Biology, Plant Science ,Animal Science, Fishery Science, Aqua Culture, Mathematics with physics & chemistry as ancillary, Medical lab technology, Microbiology, Microbial Gene technology,Zoology M.B.B.S,B.D.S,B.Pharm.BSMS, of this University or any of the Degree of any other University accepted by Syndicate as equivalent thereto ,subject to conditions as may prescribed therefore shall be permitted to appear and qualify for the M.Sc.,biotechnology Degee Examination of Periyar University after acourse of study of two academic year.


            Two years


            Our vision is to be a centre of excellence in the field of biotechnology equipped to create graduates who endeavour for the mankind welfare. To nurture biotechnologists with a potential to innovate, invent and disseminate knowledge for the benefits of society and environment.


·         To impart quality education for professional growth and opportunity in a wide range of careers

·         To create awareness towards socio - ethical implications in potentials of biotechnology

·         To initiate multi-disciplinary programs through academia-industry interface with special emphasis on implementation of entrepreneurial biotechnology and scale up

·         To emphasis on recent trends through organization of conference, symposia, workshops

·         To instill spirit of innovation and creativity in young minds with sound research aptitude

·         To produce competent biotechnologists who can employ premium processes and applications for providing sustainable society


Autoclaves, Binocular microscopes, Colony counter,Centrifuges, Cooling centrifuge C- 24 Deep freezer, Digital photo colorimeter, Distilled water unit, Electronic top loading balance, Filament heater, Hot air oven, Incubator, Incubator shaker, Inverted microscope, Laminar air flow with chamber, Micro centrifuge RM 12C, Micro oven, Magnetic stirrer,Micrometry, pH meter, Rotary shaker with temperature control, Spectrophotometer, Thermocycler(PCR), Tissue Homogeniser, Water bath, Water bath shaker, Pen pH meter, UV Transilluminator, Heating mantle, Western blotting system mini, Physical balance, Gel documentation unit, Millipore  membrane filter


1.      Students will be able design, conduct experiments, analyze and interpret data for investigating problems in Biotechnology and allied fields. 

2.      Students will be able to analyze, interpret and study biological data (sequence, structure, etc) stored in various databases available on internet.

3.      Higher studies (M.Phil, Ph.D) can be pursued in order to attain research positions.

4.      Various examinations such as CSIR-NET, ARS-NET GATE, ICMR, DBT and many other opens channels for promising career in research.

5.      Students can become Junior Production Officer and Technical Assistant in biotechnology, pharmaceutical Companies, bio fertilizer industry, aquaculture industries, environmental units, crop production units, food processing industries, national bio-resource development firms etc.,

6.      Entrepreneurship ventures such as consultancy and training centres can be opened.

7.      Some of the major pharmaceutical and drug companies’ highering biotechnological professionals include Dabur, Ranbaxy, Hindustan Lever and Dr Reddy's Labs, food processing industries, chemical industry and textile industry as well.

8.      Beside this industries also employ bio-technological professionals in their marketing divisions to boost up business in sectors where their products would be required. 

9.      Beside industrial sector there are ample opportunities in academics as well.

10.  Students will be able to understand the potentials, and impact of biotechnological innovations on environment and their implementation for finding sustainable solution to issues pertaining to environment, health sector, agriculture, etc.

11.  Several career opportunities are available for students with biotechnology background abroad especially in countries like Germany, Australia, Canada, USA and many more where biotechnology is a rapidly developing field.


1.      Makes students to understand the basic knowledge and concepts of biotechnology and other related areas. Understand the ability to apply their knowledge for practical which they can conduct independently.

2.      Apply their knowledge in other advanced subject area like nanobiotechnology, immunotechnology, and animal and plant biotechnology for the betterment and advancement of their professional career. Learn the theoretical and practical exposure to the basic and the advanced fields of biotechnology.


            A career in Biotechnology has broad area of opportunities including processing & developing industries of Agricultural, bio processing biological industries, pharmaceutical, chemical industries, food & beverage industry, dairy industry, leather industries. The biotechnologists can be employed as Quality controllers in health care products, textile industry, food, agricultural and other biological industries. The candidates can opt the Government sectors job in health, sanitary, food, dairy, and agricultural departments

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