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M.Phil., Biotechnology


Eligibility for Admission

Candidates who have qualified for post graduate degree (any biological science) with 55% percentage of Periyar University or any other University recognized by the syndicate as equivalent thereto shall be eligible to qualify the common entrance examination for to register the degree of Master of Philosophy (M.Phil) in Biotechnology

Duration of Course

Full Time  - One year

Part Time – Two years


1.      Pursue Ph.D programme with norms of scholarly research that chip into the augmentation of student’s personal and professional development.

2.       Acquire in-depth knowledge of the process of developing new materials as well as gain expertised of well defined area of research in physics.

3.      Develop innovative methodologies to tackle issues identified and contributing to the development of technological knowledge and intellectual property.

4.      Evolve as excellent professionals in the public sector units BARC/ISRO/DRDO/CSIR laboratories and contribute towards the scientific growth of the country.

5.       Analyze the impact of new emerging areas of physics in the global, economic, environmental and societal context.

6.      Adopt Blooms Taxonomy in educational objectives.

7.      Optimize counseling and guidance skills both for themselves and society.

8.      Develop and enhance leadership and teaching skills

9.      Adopt changes in the environment with high integrity and transpire ethical professionals.

10.  Recognize and integrate life-long learning skills to become pro-active in personal and professional live.

11.  Opt for careers demanding writing and communicative skills locally and globally.


1.      The Master of philosophy in Biotechnology motivates students to develop an interest in planning and implementation of research. Recognize and think critically towards the science curricula with sound knowledge and theoretical skills by questioning and plausible explanations. Handle equipments needed for material preparation, characterization and to analyze and interpret the data with theoretical background and software. Practice the teaching-learning process by being the proponent in classroom and laboratory experience.

2.      Helps to apply the scientific context to develop innovative ideas, products and methods for the benefits of biosphere.


Autoclaves, Binocular microscopes, Colony counter,Centrifuges, Cooling centrifuge C- 24 Deep freezer, Digital photo colorimeter, Distilled water unit, Electronic top loading balance, Filament heater, Hot air oven, Incubator, Incubator shaker, Inverted microscope, Laminar air flow with chamber, Micro centrifuge RM 12C, Micro oven, Magnetic stirrer,Micrometry, pH meter, Rotary shaker with temperature control, Spectrophotometer, Thermocycler(PCR), Tissue Homogeniser, Water bath, Water bath shaker, Pen pH meter, UV Transilluminator, Heating mantle, Western blotting system mini, Physical balance, Gel documentation unit, Millipore  membrane filter.


A career in Biotechnology has broad area of opportunities including processing & developing industries of Agricultural, bio processing biological industries, pharmaceutical, chemical industries, food & beverage industry, dairy industry, leather industries. The biotechnologists can be employed as Quality controllers in health care products, textile industry, food, agricultural and other biological industries. The candidates can opt the Government sectors job in health, sanitary, food, dairy, and agricultural departments

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